Envoy gateway

Envoy communication-gateway

Enphase Energy SAS
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The Envoy communication gateway provides a live acces on your solar system for permanent monitoring and adiministration for Enphase components.

Solar experts and system owners can check the status of their Enphase system on the Envoys' LCD display or receive detailed power information via Enlighten software which is included when purchasing an Envoy.


  • including web based monitoring and administration
  • integrable with smart energy devices
  • automatically updates power and status information


  • plug- and play-installation
  • flexible network configuration
  • no additional wiring


  • immediate operation for privat and businesses
  • supports up to 600 inverters
3-phase coupler
3-phase coupler

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Enphase M250 M250-60-230-S22
Enphase M250 M250-60-230-S22

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