i-Energy i-Manager

i-Manager for i-Energy micro inverter

i-Energy Corp., Ltd.
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The i-Manager is a data communication device for i-Energy Solar Energy Monitor System. This device monitors i-Energy micro inverters connected to the photovoltaic modules. The DDP collects energy and performance data from the PV micro inverter over in-home AC power lines and forwards that data to i-Energy Solar EMS via the Internet for statistical reporting.

 Enclosure environment rating  Indoor - NEMA 1
 Outside dimension (W x H x D)  20.0cm x 13.4cm x 5.0cm
 Weight  320g +/-20g
 Max. operation altitudes  Sea level 3000 m
 Operating temperature  -10˚C to +40˚C
 Cooling  Natural convection "no fans"
 Warranty period  1 year
 Max. monitoring of i-Micro inverter  Up to 72 pcs
3-phase coupler
3-phase coupler

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